Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So glad it is FALL!!! I love this season!!! Both boys are busy!! Joel is getting ready for basketball, he needs it to start. I got his size 13 shoes at school and my kids made me open them because they couldn't beleive that tennis shoes could be THAT BIG!!! Yep they are. Andrew is doing well at KSU, still not sure what degree but that is okay he is enjoying history. Loves learning about the human body too so we will see. He came home for Halloween with Lauren to ride on the haunted hayrack with Taylor and Kaden. Iwill try to post pictures. Yeah I did it. These are pictures of Lauren and Andrew at Halloween....yes, college Halloween is a tad different than when they were little. The little guy is Kaden. Joel is in flannel pj's when we went to Breckenridge....he reminds me of his Granddaddy Garver...minus the pipe. AND Joel doing what he loves, BASKETBALL!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Andrew is packing to head to the dorms tomorrow. It will be odd to have him not here all the time... but it is time for it to happen---he is ready----and I am excited to see him grow and change. More later!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Week AWAY!!

School has started for me.22nd year of third grade, you'd think I might get it right some year!!! :) Joel has began his sophomore year and is working both at the pool (never seems to get scheduled) and Gambinos which he really likes. Andrew helped his girlfriend, Lauren move into the dorms at KU this week before Rush started. He and his dad built at bunk for his dorm room, which he will move into this next Saturday. SO hard to believe that he will be leaving soon. Yeah, I know it is 20 minutes away but it will seem odd not to have him in and out of the house all the time. No one to yell HI MOMMIE when he runs in the door grabs something to eat and leaves. BUT this is a big part of his life, I am very excited to see him grow and become the young man that I know he will become!!! I guess I must be weird as I am really excited for him not all teary eyed. Some of that is because I know Joel is still here I guess but!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have a sick doggie!! Roscoe has tummy issues, he is drinking and barking like normal so we will see what comes of it I guess. Andrew is really getting ready to go to collage!! He isn't really very nice, kinda growly!! oh well, it is normal. Joel is at work. He will work everyday until Saturday next.......this will be good for him....may keep him out of trouble. I am headed to church to clean. It won't be good enough but oh well.

Friday, July 31, 2009

HUM....playing with the blog!!!

Well school starts soon and I am ready.........mind you my classroom isn't and my gym isn't. But I always like this time of year!!! I haven't gotten what I needed to done here at home done but do I EVER??? I also have spent a lot of time getting back to " normal" after graduation. Graduation was NO BIG deal but I was very sick the week before and the week after!!! SO, Dan and I both think that it took me most of June to recop. Andrew is getting ready to go to KSU!! He will live in the dorms. My house looks like a fraternity house right now with all the "stuff" getting ready. Andrew has prepared us for his leaving by NEVER being home this summer. He met a new young lady at Stampede and they have spent A LOT of time together since. We enjoy having Lauren here and Andrew too. Joel has been busy playing basketball all summer. I think we may be finished with that at this point. But there are big plans for next summer taking the next step into the AAU world completely!!! Joel just in the last several days decided that he needed to work after school. He has always had a couple of mowing jobs that are for the summer but he has gotten a job at GAMBINOS, a local pizza place here in town. NO we didn't make him....did it on this own.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Just spent the past weekend with 11 other ladies at Maple Memories in McPherson,Kansas. It is a scrapbook house that we were able to stay over night!! It has 12 twin beds, full kitchen, and all the cropping materials you could possible ever need and not have to bring!! IT WAS wonderful. The boys are busy working at Riley City Pool and enjoying it. Andrew is gearing up for KSU and has met someone he has been spending A LOT of time with......we enjoy having her here too and they seem to enjoy each others company. Joel is about to begin his two weeks of playing basketball in KC this week. My gym is exploding with boxes and I have to paint my room. WHERE did the summer go. For never having a full summer before I have sure wasted it away like none other. NEVER do get the things done that I want to.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday morning!!

We are all going in different directions!! Andrew is at Stampede and Joel is at a basketball camp with my dad!! WOW it is really quiet around here. I need to go to bed because I need to go to church tomorrow morning!! We have a party for a friend to go to also tomorrow, Joel will be home and Andrew will be through......guess he is getting us ready for his going off to KSU in the fall!!! Hard to believe!!! Ah, this is Andrew with the turtle he and some friend caught for Kaden's pond.........major problem is that the pond was smaller than the turtle!!! They ended up cooking the turtle and ate it!!! YES they ate it!!!